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141 Stevens Ave #12
Oldsmar, FL 34677



Company Description:
Terralume saves energy and money; we are both environment and financially friendly lighting for commercial and residential properties. We are an energy efficient green lighting company, that specializes in LED products whose retrofit design allow them to be installed in current fixtures. These lights cut energy consumption up to 90% with an equal or greater amount of lumens. They pose no risk or harm to the environment, have no gasses, chemicals, or toxic waste, and last on average 50,000 + hrs per bulb. A typical building’s lighting averages 37%-50% of its electrical demand and LED lighting uses up to 80% less wattage than traditional forms of lighting. Just as important, LED’s are earth and people friendly because they contain no hazardous mercury! (No Hazardous Waste requirements or disposal fees) A fluorescent light reaches 70% at 8000 hrs; our LED’s are rated for 50,000 – 100,000 hours! They are break resistant and shatter proof; they can also be mounted in any orientation. The Low heat generated by the bulbs also means money saved on cooling costs! We offer bulbs in designer styles and in “soft white” lights well as dimmers and automatic on/off switches, such as motion detectors. It is safe for artwork- no UV rays.A Terralume LED light produces instant light when turned on and can also be switched on and off as much as you need without any loss in bulb life or lumens. Average lifetime Return on Investment value is between 300% - 500%!

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