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Green Roof Outfitters

15 Francis St
Charleston, SC 29403



Company Description:
The world is realizing the importance of having more sustainable practices, achieving greater environmental performance and efficiencies, and producing less of an environmental impact. The GRO Modular green roof system is a modern, cutting edge system of applying green roofs to most any situation. Green roofs have many benefits alone, but used in conjunction with the GRO Modular technology, the benefits increase exponentially, and can weigh heavily in a Cost-Benefit Analysis.Unlike traditional green roofs, GRO Modular green roof systems offer easy installation and an instant green roof. This lightweight modular system arrives pre-planted and ready for placement. The all-inclusive GRO Modules include: a 100% recycled content container with a built in drainage & reservoir system, filter fabric layer, lightweight growing media and established hardy plants. Each component of this modular system is engineered to work synergistically with one another, creating an optimal environment for the green roof to thrive.Green Roof Outfitters provides the following services:Green Roof Services:- Consultation on scope of green roof project- Provide cost estimation- Propagate vegetated modules offsite- Delivery to site (if needed)- Installation (if needed)- 1 year warranty & maintenance included- Ongoing maintenance plan (if needed)Wholesale GRO Modules:Our mission is to expand the availability of green roof products in an affordable fashion, and we designed our modules with easy propagation and easy installation in mind. We offer wholesale prices on our empty GRO Module containers, to both professionals (installers, nurseries, landscapers, municipalities) and non-professionals (anyone wishing to enjoy green roof benefits), in order to promote the use and expansion of green roofs in America.

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