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Fisher Recycling, Inc

2750 Ave B North
North Charleston, SC 29405



Company Description:
Servicing the Charleston area since 1992, Fisher offers a commercial recycling collection service for offices, hotels, resorts and restaurants. Collecting mixed office paper, cardboard and commingled (glass, plastic, aluminum and tin) materials. Programs are set up after a site visit, waste audit and can placement assessment. Programs include staff education and containers. Products manufactured by Fisher now include custom made recycled glass countertops and flooring. The crushed glass is also used for pavement supplements, driveways, pathways and landscape cullet. Color and size varieties are available. The facility also collects E-waste and will serve as a recycling center for the Noisette community in the future. Composting food from Charleston restaurants will be a new pilot program in 2008.

Charleston Metro Chamber of Co, The Sustainability Institute o, USGBC, BALLE, LowCountry Local First


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