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Water Purification

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Miscellaneous or Other

Whole House Water Puification System, Inline System, Under and Over the Counter Systems and Shower Filters. Chlorinated water has been linked to cancer and several government studies prove that hundreds of unregulated chemicals are present in some drinking water. Other studies show that these chemicals make their way into our bodies, affecting us in numerous ways. Chemical use has increased as our population grew and in using these chemicals our drinking water has also been contaminated. A study published in the April 2006 issue of the International Journal of Cancer shows a clear and significant relationship between chlorinated water consumption and bladder cancer in men. The National Cancer Institute estimates cancer risks for people who consume chlorinated water to be 93% higher than for people who do not. Chlorinated water has also been linked to reproductive and developmental effects in children, breast cancer in women, and heart disease. The very same rivers that provide drinking water for over 41 million americans also contain harmful chemicals that have been linked to abnormalities in fish. Earth Care Green products can filter your water and give you clean,healthy water. Visit website for more information www.mike.earthcaregreenproducts.com/mike/water_purification/clean_water_products.html

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How to Purchase:
Through authorized distributors/resellers, , Down To Earth, Fort Mill, SC Earth Care Products, Inc., Kingsland, GA

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Fort Mill, SC


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