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Lime Clean Wood and Deck Cleaner

Product Type:
Miscellaneous or Other

Cleans Decks, Siding, Ipe, Cedar, Pressure Treated, Black Mold Stains. Removes Mill glaze and preps the wood so it can recieve deck stain properly. See it clean the blackest, nastiest old weathered deck and bring it back to life! Before you stain your deck. Clean it with Lime Clean. Strong Like Bleach but Safer! NO BLEACH! Lime Clean works FAST! It is a mineral based replacement for the use of chlorine bleach as an outdoor deck and siding cleaner. Sft / gl Coverage is excellent averaging 300- 600 sft / gl depending on porosity of surface and thickness of application. Can be used full strength for heavily soiled areas or it can be cut in half with water for low to medium soiled areas.

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How to Purchase:
Direct from manufacturer, , Earthpaint itself. www.earthpaint.net

Company Information:
Asheville, NC


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