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Green Man Lawn Care

P.O. Box 14487
James Island, SC 29422



Company Description:
We provide ecological, sustainable, biological, organic 'green' landscape consulting, products and services to the Charleston, SC area. Our progams are based on the 'Soil Food Web' approach to plant and land stewardship. Green Man Organic Lawn, Palm, Live Oak Tree and Plant Health Care products and services include: Organic Weed Control, Organic Grub Control, Biological Soil Fertility, Liquid Soil Aeration, Broadcastable Compost Top Dressing, Grass Over Seeding, Organic Palm & Live Oak Tree Health Care. We also provide Organic Non-Selective Weed Control ("organic round-up") and don't forget our Skeeter Beater Organic Mosquito and Gnat Control! Think of us as your Organic Lawn Doctor with organic miracle grow (we call ours, "Organic Plant Magic"). We so look forward to working with you ~ Local Kev & Organic Jude

Soil Foodweb Certified Advisor, LowCountry Local First, Low Country Chapter of the Native Plant Society, Trees for the Future


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